Forex and Crypto Trading Services in one single permission. Kazakhstan Universal License

 New! In Kazakhstan is no licensing regime in place for Forex, Payment Processing and Cryptoservices. Unlike for other jurisdictions, the regulator issues a permission / accreditation stating that your "company is entitled to provide these services". Advantage: Less regulation, less reporting, no requirements and complete freedom in the way you wish to conduct your services. Without regulator's interventions, but his written permission. This unique solution is exclusively available at IFLS - arranged and tailored by our Kazakh lawyers to your needs. Including setup, local admin service, bank account opening and accreditation from regulator in no-time.

Welcome to Kazakhstan - a country on the threshold between the modern and the modern age and an unbroken spirit of innovation. A juncture between Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Middle East. 

Kazakhstan is a country full of contradictions in political life. On the one hand, there is a clear separation of powers, on the other hand, authoritarian structures are recognizable, which often provide for civil repression, but provide stability and impetus to the economy - due to clear rules, restrictions, permits and a relatively cumbersome administrative apparatus.


This is especially important for the financial sector, as not every few months or years (such as in the EU or Asia) changes in the basic rules and regulations are to be expected and long-term planning and action is easily possible.

Regulators or ministries also communicate far-reaching changes in the regulatory regime usually 2-3 years in advance, which provides enough time to prepare for it as a broker, crypto exchange or payment provider. Valuable time, which European licensees often do not have due to changes in regulations and requirements that can occur at any time.

The Banking Sector:

Particularly noteworthy is the financial industry in the offshore and onshore sector. Here, Kazakhstan is currently outnumbering in clear countries like Russia or China (and the EU anyway).


Banks process payments for proper business licensing and approval without currency exchange restrictions. All banks in Kazakhstan are SWIFT members and allow the sending of payments as well as the acceptance into multi currency accounts.

It is also noteworthy that the compliance requirements for incoming and outgoing payments in Kazakhstan provide unprecedented freedom in sharp contrast to European and US financial service providers and banks.

The acceptance of customer funds and their forwarding to Exchangers, Forex brokers or Liquidity Provider or other banks is easily possible

Requirements and Duration of Application:

  • Duration: turnaround ca. 7-8 weeks

  • Original Passport Copy notarized with apostille

  • Original Power of Attorney (delivered by us) notarial certified and with apostille

  • Standard single proof of address (electronically)

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Get to the pole position and start offering financial services to your clientele. The following activities can be conducted based on the permission as Financial Services Provider, underligned by the accreditation of the National Bank:

- Forex Dealing / CFDs Trading
- Operate trading platforms online


- Payment Prozessing and electronic payment accounts

- Remittance Services (third parties)

- Electronic e-wallets


ICO LauncH

Crypto ExchangE

- Crypto / FIAT Trading Platforms online


- Deposit Services

- Merchant Services 


  • company formation and incorporation in Kazakhstan

  • Set-up local office, installation of an official company representor in Georgia

  • preparation of all documents (AML Rules, etc.)

  • Permission / accreditation support

  • On-going accreditation status updates

  • bank account openings in KZ(2x)

  • Certifications / Translations: Russian - Englisch included

  • Opening balance

  • acquisition of local tax consultant

  • shipment of all document to client

  • ongoing maintenance

  • registered agent and office services

  • English, Durch and German speaking support through our team




We establish two full multi currency IBAN bank accounts in the name of your Kazakh company with one of the 2 major institutes (Sberbank / Alfabank). Other banks in addition possible without travelling to KZ. Our lawyers will dispatch DigiPass, credentials, debit / credit cards in sealed courier envelopes to your address and you can start immediately.



This license is an onshore license but with offshore character in terms of flexibility and opportunities. You will be taxed under Kazakh law but there are many ways to reduce the tax commitments. Speak with us.



SOFTWARE  (opt.)


If you should need an own software to manage all payments for your clients, their accounts, transactions, personal documentation etc, we highly recommend the solution of the current market leaders of the banking industry. The multilingual software is an all-in-one component allowing to manage customers data as well as all payments with one click. 

IFLS can arrange a free demo upfront via skype to see live how the software is working.

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IFLS is the leading source for the acquisition and establishment for financial licensed entities in more than 25+ jurisdictions.

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