Set-up your OFFSHORE INVESTMENT FUND. Quick and efficiently. 

The tax-friendly solution for fund managers and customers. 0% tax, maximum on flexibility, oustanding privacy advantages in the Caribbean's No.1 fund destination: St. Lucia. Alternatively we offer adequate solutions from the Cayman Islands. Our complete package allows you to start within days incl. official registration, paperwork assistance and fully customer management software.

St Lucia simply offers a great value for financial services providers and fund managers:

Offer your clients all benefits an offshore investment funds guarantees. Maximum on returns, no limitation in investments, tax-free profit pay-outs and a maximum on privacy.

IFLS Corporate Services Ltd is incorporating with its local lawyers your new company at St Lucia and applies for all necessary permissions.

Legal Background

The International Mutual Funds Act, No. 44 of 1999 (the Act) defines a Mutual Fund and allows for mutual funds to be established as -

    1. a unit trust; or as

    2. a company or as

    3. a partnership.

Maximum Flexibility

The Act does not prescribe any limits on the investment policy of a St Lucia Mutual Fund nor does it dictate portfolio requirements.


A Private Mutual Fund is not required to have any service providers (including directors of corporate entities) in St. Lucia, other than the registered office and registered agent in the case of an international business company and on a registered Trustee in the case of a registered international trust. Therefore, each of the investment managers, the administrator, the custodian/prime broker, investment adviser and any other service providers may therefore be located in any jurisdiction.


Unlike other Mutual Funds, a Private Mutual Fund does not require a license to carry on mutual fund business from St Lucia, however it needs to be registered with the Director of International Financial Services.

Company Incorporation

Before an investment fund can be set-up a company at St. Lucia is required. We incorporate it in 48hrs.

The International Business Companies Act prescribes a very efficient regime for international business companies, which can be incorporated on the same day that the constitutional documents (the memorandum and articles of association) are filed with the Registrar of Companies. The same applies to international trusts.


Both international business companies and international trusts are tax-exempt entities in St. Lucia and there are no restrictions regarding the use of the word ‘fund’ in the name of the company or trust


Tax excempted

Bank Accounts

We assist you to set-up a fully working bank account in the Caribbean for your investment fund.

Software (NexorOne: optional)

Furthermore we can provide you direct access to NexorOne, the leading software provider for banks, funds, financial services provider for their software solution.

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Why a St Lucia Private Investment Fund?


  • Collective Financing of Real Estate / Property Projects worldwide

  • Private Equity (Hedge Fund Option)

  • Speculation activities

  • Speculation in FX, spot metals or commodities

  • Buying and/or selling of CO2-Certificates

  • Tropical Forest Investments

  • Financing of pre-stock companies

  • Purchase of vessels, air crafts, jets etc.



You should know this before you start:

  • Maximum investors: 100

  • Minimum investment per individual client: 50,000 US$

  • Minimum investment other companies (Offshore companies as investors): 50,000 US$

  • Investmentclubs: 50,000 US$ (but can contain 20 or 30 small budget investors; the investment club signs up not the private individuals)

  • No liability in case of bankcruptcy


  • Set-up as trust or

  • Set-up as offshore IBC 


  • IFLS assists you to set-up a Caribbean bank acount for your new private investment fund based in St Lucia



None. 0,00% 





  • Minimum capital to be paid: 0,00$

  • Expected investment target: 1,0m $

  • Passports, Proof of Address of UBOs / Directors / involved persons

  • Bank reference

  • Business reference 

  • Criminal Record 

  • Curriculum / Vita

  • company documents notarized

  • experience in financial sector is a must for future fund managers

  • UBO prove of the company (Share Register / Share Certificate)

  • description of the fund activities




  1. company set-up (ltd) within 24 hrs.

  2. Fund Set-Up with granted permission by the Director of International Financial Services within 1-2 weeks after submitting all required documents



  1. NexorOne or ebanq Software. It would be useful to use a proper software to manage fund activities and investor shares



Fund Set-up, Incorporation of the St Lucia IBC, support with all documents, creation of AML Rules


Fund Set-up, Incorporation of the St Lucia IBC, support with all documents, creation of AML Rules, NexorOne software


Fund Set-up, Incorporation of the St Lucia IBC, support with all documents, creation of AML Rules, NexorOne software, bank account opening

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